The Advertising ID Consortium is an open identity solution that provides privacy-conscious, people-based interoperability for the advertising ecosystem.


Why create a Consortium focused on identity?


The Problem

Companies in programmatic rely on their own cookies to anonymously identify audiences.

  • The result is consumers being given many identifiers leading to fragmentation and data loss. 
  • This leads to decreased understanding of consumers and less effective targeting, frequency management, optimization, and attribution, while creating a poor consumer experience.


The Solution

The Advertising ID Consortium takes a collaborative approach to solving these issues by providing:

  • An open and standardized pool for cookie and device IDs.
  • The availability of people-based identifiers.
  • An omnichannel identity framework.
  • Members of the Consortium will adhere to best practices with respect to privacy, security, including compliance requirements with digital advertising self-regulatory code and applicable laws.