Why does this require a Consortium?

The industry has attempted similar efforts in the past. The Consortium represents a different approach in the sense that it is founded by industry leaders that are seeding the effort with scaled technologies that are already widely adopted. Additionally, the founding members have been able to commit significant resources to technical development, business formation, and driving adoption. This initiative is broadly supported by the industry as evidenced by over 20 platforms and technology providers having already joined.

Who owns the consortium?

The Consortium is an independent entity governed by a nine-person Board of Directors. The initial Board of Directors will be appointing members in Fall 2018.

How is the Consortium governed?

The Board of Directors will meet on a regular cadence and will make all decisions for the Consortium. The Board of Directors will also appoint a Managing Director to manage the operational day to day needs of the Consortium. The Managing Director will be an employee of a different founding member company each year. That is, the position rotates among the founding members and is not a permanent appointment.

Who can join the Consortium?

The Consortium is open to a variety of participants in the ecosystem. Platforms and publishers can participate as technical members and take advantage of the available services through the Consortium. Brands and agencies can join the Consortium as associate members and have the ability to join monthly member calls and quarterly in person meetings. Submit a request form to learn more.